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Pokemon Go got a huge success just after its release and it has overtaken many other games in terms of marketability. Though the game is released officially in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and USA, many game lovers from various countries are using Pokemon Go cheats and hacks to install and enjoy the game.

Pokemon Go gamers have invented different hacks and cheats, which enables them to show fake gps and achieve success in the game faster. However, the game developers have also caught the unverified cheats and banning them from the game.

In order to facilitate the game to the players, many gaming websites have introduced their own cheat software, which they claim to be 100% safe and undetectable from various Pokemon Go servers. They have done beta testing of the Pokemon Go cheats as well.

The players can now get unlimited numbers of Poke Balls, Poke Coins, Incense using the cheat creator. These cheats have no limitation and can be used by the players of any country through their iOS device, android phones and it supports non jail break devices too.

Let us learn about some tips and tricks to be considered and get relevant help in the game.

  1. Do not try to collect the same Pokémon several times. You actually don’t need to collect the same kind of Pokémon two times. It is recommended to use Professor Willow to keep a track on duplicate Pokemon and make your team powerful.
  2. Keep your Pokemon Go app open even if you are not playing the game. This will help increase the hatching time for Lucky eggs.
  3. Defend gyms as much as you can in order to collect free items. Once you reach level 5, try hitting the Pokemon gyms and start your battle against the other gym trainers.