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Goede tijden, slechte tijden is one of the most popular shows ever to be aired on cable television. With over 5000 episodes it is the longest running soap opera produced in Netherlands. The daily soap has a dedicated fan following and each episode is watched by millions of viewers. The show involves several plot twists and cliff-hangers that keep the viewers enticed. Since the episode is aired throughout the week, it is possible that you may have Gtst gemist broadcast. You can always watch your missed broadcast online.


Since the show is highly popular, it is aired throughout the week at primetime. The soap opera, inspired by the Australian soap The Restless years, follows the lives on the inhabitants of the fictional town of “dike”. The show is known for its controversial storylines that revolve around sensitive and social issues. In addition to traditional family drama components, GTST also subtly covers the gripping story of its compelling adult characters and misadventures of the younger characters. With an engaging storyline, it becomes hard to follow the show even if one episode is missed.


There are numerous websites where you can watch all the GTST episodes you missed and the latest episodes as well. In addition to the official website of the soap opera, there are other online portals where you can watch missed broadcasts in high quality. Since the episodes are filed according to the date of broadcast, you can easily browse for the missed episode on these websites. The site also gives you an overview of what you can expect in the episodes. There are several online portals that provide information about GTST broadcasts exclusively.


Some websites where you can watch missed episodes include:


  1.     TVblik


Websites that exclusively deal with GTST broadcasts include, GTSTCourant etc. In these websites you get GTST shorties i.e. the entire episode summarized in a short video. You can also watch weekly summaries. If you are not a fan of cliff-hangers then you can watch spoilers as well.