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Smartphone repairing industry is flourishing at the same pace as the smart phone market. With more and more users having smart phones, smart phone repair business is growing rapidly as these smart phones are not going to last forever without problems.

When it comes to mobile repair, we often think of trying to do it ourselves. Initially you may not be successful, but practice makes a man perfect. With the help of online courses or tutorials you can learn how to repair a smart phone. Eventually you will master the art and can easily accomplish the task.

You can watch video tutorials to learn how to perform a flash fix, upgrading software, fixing app issues etc.; if you are planning to set up a business then you need a proper practical training.

Some of the basics that you can learn apart from simple software related problems like a flash fix are listed as below

Basics of repairing Smart phone

How to use Multimeter

Assembling different types of smart phones and disassembling them

Knowledge of all parts of smart phone and their function

Understanding the Hardware

Understanding of motherboard/circuit board/ Logic Board

Troubleshooting and finding fault

Checking faulty parts and knowledge of replacing them

How to rectify various hardware problems

Before you start repairing your smart phone, you should be well equipped with necessary tools or took kit. Modern smart phones come with highly sensitive and delicate parts. Hence it is important to handle them with care.

Some of the common problems with smart phones that you should know are

Broken touch screen or LCD screen

Water damage or any other liquid

Bluetooth problem

Keypad buttons problem

Unlock a locked smart phone

Camera problems

Phone crashes, freezes or have start up issues

Problem with headphone socket

Retrieving data from a dead phone